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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your participation in the UK Harmony Brigade at any time, but we are only able to refund part of the cost of the event according to the following policy:

1.  If your registration is not accepted for any reason:                  you will receive a full refund

2.  If you cancel your application within 7 days after applying AND prior to receiving an acceptance email with the link for downloading music and tracks:                                                                                         you will receive a full refund

3.  If you cancel your registration after being accepted for the UK Harmony Brigade,

            and on or before 25 November of the registration year:     you will receive a refund of one-half of the fee paid

            after 25 November of the registration year:                            no refund possible.


4.  In the unlikely event the UK Harmony Brigade event needs to  cancelled for any reason, you will receive a proportional refund of the funds remaining (receipts less expenses) divided amongst the people having registered.  A full accounting of the costs will be provided to everyone registered.

Other Terms and Conditions

The UK Harmony Brigade is organised and run by unpaid volunteers, with the objective of providing a unique quartet and chorus singing experience.  Participation requires particular skills and experience, and extensive preparation by each participant. It is a condition of registration that you commit to devoting sufficient time and energy to preparation (individual song-learning and rehearsal) that you come to the Brigade fully prepared and able to sing all songs competently.

The UK Harmony Brigade adheres to the Equality and Diversity Policy published by BABS (British Association of Barbershop Singers), and all brigade participants are required to follow the policy requirements contained therein, subject to the sanctions indicated in the paragraphs below.  Click the button to view or download this policy.

People registering for the UKHB participate entirely at their own risk, and shall hold the organisers and the UK Harmony Brigade harmless against any loss, injury or other consequence of their participation.  The UKHB will transfer the appropriate portion of your fees to the venue suppliers (hotel and conference centre) on your behalf, but the contract and any claims arising from your stay are strictly between you and the hotel.

Participants are required to conduct themselves in a lawful and orderly manner and to abide by the rules of the venue where a UKHB event is being held.  Participants are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner both with other participants and with any staff or members of the public with whom they come in contact in the course of brigade activities.

The organisers of the UKHB have the right to exclude any person from participation in any or all UK Harmony Brigade activity if, in their sole judgement, the person is unprepared or unfit in any way to achieve the standards expected for the activity or activities in question or if they engage in any inappropriate behaviour.  The organisers of the UKHB also have the right to exclude any person who fails to comply to the rules of the venue where the UKHB event is being held and/or to UKHB rules communicated by the organisers.  Any person so excluded from any current or future activity shall have no right of redress or compensation.

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