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Financial Assistance 

Reduced Fee

Scholarship and Accessibility Fund

To make it easier for young people to participate the UK Harmony Brigade is offering the Brigade fee free of charge to participants under the age of 26 (age at the start of the Brigade on  10 February 2023).  Contact us for details and confirmation before applying.  

The reduction is possible due to the number of registrations having exceeded our minimum and certain fixed costs have therefore been covered.  We offer a minimum fee to assist younger people to participate.

Use our Contact page to indicate that you wish to apply, giving your date of birth and an indication of your experience. Once we have confirmed that you qualify, you may register and pay the reduced fee. (If you are under the age of 18, you must provide written parental consent prior to the start of the event).

If you have already applied and paid, but qualify for the reduced fee, just contact us and we will credit you with a refund!

Donations from the Harmony Brigade participants have been pledged, and these funds will be made available to Harmony Brigade applicants.

Singers can apply for financial assistance from the fund if they are under 26 years of age (at the date of the start of the event) OR if they have financial needs due to their accessibility limitations.  The organising committee will choose the recipients and amount of this aid from applications received before 25 September using the application form accessed by the button below:

Priority will be given to first-time Harmony Brigade applicants, but returning people will be considered in function of the fund available that year. You may receive support up to three times before you reach the age of 26.

If you wish to apply for assistance, fill in the registration form, do not pay the fees, and send us a message on our Contact page, giving your date of birth and stating that you wish to apply for funding.  You can withdraw your application if funding is not granted (or even if it IS granted, should you decide not to attend before obtaining your music).

Support Really Needed?

If you are under 26 but fully employed or you have  independent financial means, the reduced fees and scholarship fund are NOT intended for you.  We will not ask financial questions to test your means, but we rely on  your discretion not to apply; please leave the funds for those who really need it.

Protection Policy

The UK Harmony Brigade is committed to providing an environment that is safe for all participants.  Accordingly we have adopted a policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

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