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Harmony Brigade Show

Saturday 8 February 2025
at 20:00

The Venue

Jubilee Conf Centre.jpg

Jubilee Hotel and Conferencs - Auditorium

Kenyon Road

Jubilee Conference Centre,

Nottingham NG7 2TU



Directions: visit their website:


please note: this is the same campus where the BABS harmony college is held!

Harmony Brigade Show

What is Harmony Brigade?

The Harmony Brigade is a weekend of singing by experienced barbershop quartet singers from all over the world who have learned a common repertoire of twelve songs on their own.  They come together for a weekend of wall-to-wall singing in as many quartet combinations as possible, often with people they have just met.  There is a not-too-serious quartet competition, and a Saturday night show.  Because of the unusual nature of singing new songs with no prior rehearsal together, the activity is called EXTREME QUARTETTING. It is not for the faint-hearted!  

The Brigade Chorus

The entire group sings its repertoire as a chorus as well.  But it's a chorus with a difference:  the members will have sung together a couple of times for the first time on Saturday afternoon. The songs are directed by a number of different directors from within the group, and the chorus and its directors will not have worked together before. Recipe for a disaster?  Not at all. It's merely extreme. Experienced singers who know their music perfectly will produce an amazing performance for you.  

Brigade Quartets

The show will include an examples of what we do featuring a bit of performance by one or two of our random quartets.  


Acts on our Show

Our talented participants will present a variety of acts that include comedy, singing, and other delights






 watch this space


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