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If you will be under the age of 26 at the start of the event, you may benefit from a reduced fee and/or financial assistance from our Scholarship fund. To find out more, click here:

REGISTRATION FOR Feb 2025 will open in late August 2024!  Register early to reserve a place, as we will limit registrations for voice parts that fill up first!


Please complete your registration with the application form at the right.  After checking out your references, you will receive a confirmation from our treasurer asking you to pay the cost for the options you have selected. Once payment is received, we will give you you access to the music and tracks. If your application is not accepted for any reason, no payment is required.

Cancellation of your registration:  if you decide to cancel your registration for any reason, you may qualify for a partial refund under our cancellation policy.

COST FOR 2025:  [Fees will be established in mid-2024; watch this space for update at time of registration]

Standard Package, 2 nights in a shared room :  £275  (arrival Friday, departure Sunday)

Same, but in a single room, 2 nights:                    £352

Three night Package in a shared room:                 £322 (arrival Thursday, departure Sunday)

Same, but in a single room 3 nights:                      £437

the tariffs above include a basic brigade fee to cover shared costs including music copyright, tracks, and other expenses; while the balance covers  accommodation (including breakfast each day, Friday evening dinner, and Saturday lunch and dinner.

 * this year  the  Brigade Fee to  of £92.50 of shared costs was reduced to £80 by taking the rest from our reserves


  • You can order a brigade logo-printed polo shirt for £15 (this is only for personal use - there is no required brigade uniform)

  • You can contribute to the Scholarship Fund (any amount you specify)


You should select these extras on the application form and you will be billed accordingly.

Once you have submitted the application form, we will send you a bill that you can pay by electronic bank transfer (or other means that you agree with our Treasurer).  You will hear from us within a few days.

When your payment has been received, we will send you a link to download the music for the UK Harmony Brigade Rally.

To apply to attend the UK Harmony Brigade 2024 Rally, go to our application form here (once registration opens in late August 2023):

These are last year's fees.  Watch this space for updates

The Learning Process

UK Harmony Brigade provides high-quality learning tracks to help the learning process.  There are normally some run-through rehearsal opportunities later in the cycle (organised privately by individual participants) as well as Jamulus-based rehearsal opportunities.

Recordings during the learning cycle

All first-time brigade participants and some others (if selected) will be followed up and asked to  submit a few recordings (using simply a phone or other recording device, singing along with the learning track) so that we can give you feedback and help you stay on track towards being fully prepared.  You will be contacted after registration with more details on this process.

I'm not applying at this time, but I'd like to be on your mailing list for a reminder for next year's event

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